Projects & Outcomes

Over 105,000 people have already gone through our programs. But if the last 14 years of implementing government-funded programs has taught us anything, it is that each situation is unique.

We approach every project with our proprietary 8 step approach:

  1. Establishing the real target outcomes.
  2. Examining scientifically-evidenced examples of what has gone before…and what has worked before.
  3. Gaining stakeholder input confidentially – including thoughts not shared with superiors.
  4. Planning how to win the hearts and minds of both the target group and implementers.
  5. Assessing target groups’ readiness to change.
  6. Piloting scalable activity.
  7. Academically measuring outcomes to establish:
    1. the Return on Investment within 6 months and;
    2. ways of improving the model.
  8. Rolling out the enhanced model on a larger scale.

One of Esher House’s key points to emphasise is number 2 above. We spend more effort and time focusing upon solutions and parallel situations that can facilitate progress and leave problems behind, rather than obsessively focusing upon the problems.


Unemployed – Disabled

  • Increasing “Placements”
  • +51%
  • n = 4,270 participants in initial study with Job Futures.
  • Overall a 51% Placement uplift (those starting employment/education) in those that have been through our PARC assessment tool vs Control.

Unemployed – General

  • Increasing “Placements”
  • +19%
  • Both Job Futures (n = 4,386) and Employment Services Queensland (n = 3,996) showed a +19% Placement uplift in the first 6 months of implementing the PARC & ABS model.
  • Note that this uplift reflects those that have simply undertaken the Assessment…and not those that have also been through the Applied Behavioural Science “Resilience” Workshops. The chart below shows data from the start of rolling out the program in October 2013. By March 2014, half of the caseload had been through the assessment, but way more than half of Placements were from assessed jobseekers (who were more likely to be Stream 3 & 4 clients – ie “furthest from employment”).

Unemployed – Long Term

  • 13 week Outcomes
  • +105%
  • Numbers remaining in work for 13 weeks after Placement.
  • n = 9,500 with Employment Services Queensland.

Unemployed – Youth


Brisbane Gateway initiative with 16-21 year olds, largely disengaged. Increased employment & education placements.

Youth Results

85% completed the 5 Resilience Workshops, 15% moved out of area.

64% achieved employment outcomes within 2 months. This is a 49% better performance in comparison with one of Australia’s most respected, top performing youth projects (16 – 24 year old) from the Brotherhood of St Laurence who achieved 43% employment outcomes over 18 months.

73% achieving 13 week outcomes.