Building Better Lives

Harnessing behavioural science, technology and data analytics to humanise human services and drive outcomes for employment and education providers.

Behavioural Science

Esher House combines a deep pool of data with evidence from academic papers, evolutionary psychology and neuroscience, to create powerful tools that minimise risk in decision-making and reveal surprising insights and business intelligence.

Data Analytics

Esher House has built powerful analytic capacity across employment and education data and uncovering factors – sometimes debunking conventional wisdom – that can really drive your target outcomes and engage your stakeholders.

Employment Outcomes

Organisations are great at knowing what to do with those keen to return to work, but can individuals with more complex circumstances be engaged and supported to live fulfilling lives? Our programmes with over 100,000 citizens consistently deliver world-leading outcomes.

Education Outcomes

Further education, higher education, apprenticeship, online and other training providers can now predict whether a student it likely to complete or drop-out before sign-up or in-training. Your support teams are then informed precisely what to do to enhance engagement. Both duty of care and cash flow are positively impacted.

CorteX is the tech-enabled, mission-critical bridge between frontline staff and your clients. The Cloud-based, academically-validated system delivers

  • Assessment of jobseekers and students.
  • Objective “probability” scoring and progress towards outcomes measurement.
  • Triaging to services within your existing operational model.
  • Support for case managers, mentors, support workers and consultants.
  • Coaching guides.
  • Insights into the right intervention at the right time for each individual.

Our aim is to help case managers to truly understand a client, and provide support in the most engaging and targeted manner.

CorteX can machine learn which personalised interventions and triaging are most effective for individual circumstances, and enhances the – evidenced and personalised interventions that will truly engage with each individual and “nudge” them in the right direction. It turns basic predictive analytics into actionable prescriptive analytics that enable your teams and citizens to fulfil their potential.


for Executives, case managers, employees, jobseekers, and students


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