Behavioural Science

Esher House combines a deep pool of data with evidence from academic papers, evolutionary psychology and neuroscience, to create powerful tools that minimise risk in decision-making and reveal surprising insights and business intelligence.

The cognitive revolution has, until recently, had little impact on day-to-day decision-making and strategic planning in the public and private sectors. Nonetheless, the reality is that the evolution of our species over the last 200,000 years determines our behaviours and actions today.

The good news is that we can now clearly identify how to help citizens to fulfil their potential. Human reactions to marketing and policy goals often appear illogical and random. We now know of over 180 cognitive biases at play in everything we do. With an understanding of the four key drivers of human behaviour, Esher House can help you to plan, predict and drive outcomes that may have been out of reach.

Esher House has experience using behavioural science and analytics to drive world-leading employment and education outcomes for over 110,000 citizens across three continents. We love what we do and we’d love to support you in delivering your objectives.


Behavioural Science